Frieder Speck -- München - Germany

Auf der suche nach dem roten faden!
Mixed media assemblage in three pieces, from Frieder Speck. 

He explained to me that "Der rote Faden" is in german an special expression for something that leads through a text or life or work. If you lost the "roten Faden" its hard to follow a speech or a text cause there is nothing that keeps it together. If you forget while you are speaking what you wanted to say you "verlierst den Faden".

Its nice if you let it fly like a dragon on a "Faden", if you loose the "Faden" it will fade to somebody else who finds the "roten Faden".

I'm impressed by the fact that Frieder ventured into an unknown territory for him, incorporating textiles in his work. Yes, very glad you did not sew your fingers together on the machine, Frieder! 
Thank you.

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