Jayne-Maya Chandler -- Oregon -- USA

One of the Crowd
Vintage book, magazine papers and vintage upholstery material collage.


Simon Warren -- Tring -- UNITED KINGDOM

There's always that moment when you pull a packet like this from your mailbox...
wondering what the extent of the damage might be.
A Ripping Mail Art Adventure from Simon Warren

Surprise! ... other than being a little rumpled from the journey there was no apparent damage (except to the bag it arrived in... it looked as if a cat had tried to gnaw into it).
Congratulations, kudos, and well done, Simon. This welcome and bare naked postal made quite a journey to arrive at the TMA Gallery.
Apologies for the photos, which do not do the piece justice.  Will try to add another photo here after it's relaxed for a few days.


Elena Gjorgjievska -- MACEDONIA

 Above: "Rhythm" and below "Movement."

 Above: "Summer" and below "Soft & Fragile."

Snappy -- British Columbia -- CANADA

It's All About Me
Collage with ribbon and vintage cotton doily tied to post card. 
Mailed in a transparent envelope!

Thanks, Snappy!

Marguerite E. Keen -- Pennsylvania -- USA

"To Insure Timely Mail Delivery
Always include complete ad-dress label,
complete return ad-dress label, and
the proper measure of postage"
- Postal Guidelines
Textile Mail Art Project Submission sent 7 April 2011
Silkscreened dress form background paper, die cut paper labels, stamps and dresses, fabric care tags, machine stitching, rubber stamping, mounted on cardstock, postcard size, mailed naked
P.S. -- Marguerite's Picadilly Post website never makes you feel hemmed in. Be sure to visit! Keep them coming, Marguerite, a smile is one size that fits all. Thanks!

Erin Fae -- Auckland -- NEW ZEALAND

Mixed Media. Fabric, sewing kit, pattern and fabric swatches sewn to post card and mailed naked.
 Thanks, Erin!