Marguerite E Keen -- Pennsylvania -- USA

Nine security paper patterns were cut into 3/4" patchwork squares,  machine stitched with vintage cotton thread,  then bound with a tenth security pattern paper envelope. Mounted on 4" x 6" cardstock (postcard size), and mailed naked. Arrived in beautifully franked / pristine condition with wonderful vintage Folk Art USA Quilt themed postage.
See Marguerite's blog (link for Piccadilly Post in the right column on this page.)

Elaine M. Rounds -- Manitoba -- Canada

...crocheted in pineapple pattern
those cold winter evenings; endless and exquisite
fragments of stories in a woman's cramped hands. 
                Héléne Dyck / Winnipeg Artist


Helen Amyes -- York -- Western Australia

Helen gave me "?" for a name, 
but here the weather is just now becoming warm, we're waiting out the last freeze of the year but have already been selecting seeds and turning the soil for planting flowers and herbs. This piece made me aware of how much I am looking forward to the

Anke van den Berg -- Belgium

Old Bedsheet Art by Anke

 Folding the Sheets
by Rosemary Dobson

  You and I will fold the sheets
Advancing towards each other
From Burma, from Lapland,

From India where the sheets have been washed in the river
And pounded upon stones:
Together we will match the corners.

From China where women on either side of the river
Have washed their pale cloth in the White Stone Shallows
“Under the shining moon”.

We meet as though in the formal steps of a dance
To fold the sheets together, put them to air
In wind, in sun over bushes, or by the fire.

We stretch and pull from one side and then the other –
Your turn. Now mine.
We fold them and put them away until they are needed.

A wish for all people when they lie down to sleep –
Smooth linen, cool cotton, the fragrance and stir of herbs
And the faint but perceptible scent of sweet clear water.

from the sequence ‘Daily Living’, published in Collected Poems
(Angus & Robertson, 1991)


Camel O'Rama -- Seattle -- USA

International Skull Designers Competition Entry - 6th place
Created using a mouth powered airbrush on recycled painters cloth. Backed with blackout cloth.  Even more amazing in person. 

This great stenciled piece was created for Mail Art 365 Project.
Mouth powered airbrush on recycled painter's fabric, backed with blackout cloth.
Even more amazing in person.
Don't forget that you can enlarge the artworks to get a closer look at these!
Thanks for submitting these, Camel.

Franca Carugati -- Milano -- Italia

1920 Ricordi di Nonna Maria
by Franca Carugati
Lovely card with hand and machine lace embellished with glass beads and thread.
Grazie, Franca.


Peter Backes -- Eiweiler -- GERMANY

Peter sent this vintage clever die cut fabric sample card for the show. The twill fabrics presented are as conservative in color as the die cut dress example is stylish! Thanks for the note and haben sie eine wonderul wochenende, Peter.

Lubomr Trymkiv -- Lviv -- UKRAINA

Textile postcard has many elements in addition to the textile ribbon feature. I love the contrast and the strong directional flow the ribbon brings to the work. Thank you Lubomyr for this haptic postal journey.

Tina Festa -- Matera -- ITALIA

Tina sent this lovely textual textile triptych. Her work arrived in the mailbox on my midwest front porch in absolutely pristine condition, despite having been posted bare naked. As if the Kwan Yin of Mail Art protected them on their voyage. Exhibiting definite elements of visual poetry, these works are meticulously crafted. Her technique is outstanding:  It takes steady hand-eye coordination to select, compose, and sew pieces like this -- pieces that include a hefty amount of antique and vintage papers.  Not to mention fierce composure to allow them to wing their way unprotected by an envelope! 
Molte grazie, Tina!

Dórian Ribas Marinho -- Florianópolis -- BRAZIL

It is great to see Dórian's work here in the Textile Mail Art Gallery. He's an active and well-known artist, and I'm so pleased to have these prints of textile objects represented here. Thank you, Dórian!

Nula Horo -- Hispanio -- SPAIN

These pieces from Nula Horo are the largest entries received to date. They're slightly larger than A4 and their messages make a bold visual impact. The use of recycled elements that we all recognize is also a good message. Thank you, Nula.

Val Herman -- Sigean -- FRANCE

Val Herman sends these fiber sample cards.
Colorful and reminds me of piano keys & music--you know what I like!