Tamara Wyndham -- New York -- USA

Patchwork for Lady Nuit

"O nuit, continuous one of Heaven, let it be ever thus;
that men speak not of thee as One but as None;
and let the speak not of thee at all,
since thou art continuous!
                                           --Liber AL 1:27


Claudio Grandinetti -- Cosenza -- Italy

From Claudio Grandinetti. "Tenso Nervo Sfibrature."
Beautiful photograph. Claudio has also included several mail art calls
  with his artwork; they'll be posted on Skybridge Studios, so take a look! 
Thanks, Claudio.


TizianaBaracchi -- Italy

Mail Art Ambassador from Venice Tiziana Baracchi has fit the Textile Mail Art Call into her datebook... with artistamps and another important message... Wind Energy! No substitute! Thank you to the Embassy, Tiziana Baracchi and Giancarlo Da Lio for their generous submission to the call and to Skybridge Studios and Lisa Iversen.
Thank you!


Achille de Moeweald -- Fleury -- France

 Achille de Moewald sent this sensuous card, rich warm colors. The fabric pattern is overprinted on the card which adds an element of mystery and romance. Thank you Achille.

Diane Keys -- Illinois -- USA

A warm and cosy January greeting from a mail art friend. 
It is cotton yarn and the letters are a cotton/poly blend. 
Here is also the back of the card, made from recycled cracker box:


Roland Halbritter -- Neudlingen -- Germany

Roland has submitted a diptych to the gallery, and it's a beauty! Men and Women united by fabric! Textiles bringing the world together through fashion. Thank you Roland, and I'll be sending correspondence to Bismarck, too.
There's a link at the right to Roland's mail art call, please check it out and share your art!