UPDATE: 31 December 2011 
Thanks to All! Call Is Closed.
The final entries have been posted and documentation is forthcoming. 
Information about exhibition will be forthcoming. This has been slower than anticipated but I will continue to update here.


THEME: Artists from around the world are invited to submit a piece of original artwork based upon the theme of textiles. Media/Techniques: Let Your Imagination Run Wild through your fabric stash, your ribbons, yarns, felting material, embroidered, painted, or fiber-based mixed media, etc.

SIZE: Free, but postcard size suggested.
There will be  no jury, no fees and no return of artwork.
Submissions must be original work created by you.
ON THE BACK OF YOUR WORK: Your name, full mailing address, title of artwork, medium and email address, (website  if you have one).
EXHIBITION:  I'm trying to work out venues for free public viewing, and the completed call may become a "traveling trunk" show for textile groups. If you know of a group (or a quilt club, other textile groups) that might be interested, let me know and I'll start planning an itinerary. The shows will be viewed by the general public which will include children.

DOCUMENTATION: I will respond to each piece and will provide documentation to all participants shortly after deadline. All received postcards will be published  on the blog:

PLEASE! Leave comments for the artists, everyone loves to get feedback!  


Marina Salmaso -- Denmark

Late Bloomers!
This is the last of the submissions, arriving in November. My sincere apologies for delay in posting and updating the call with this fabulous work by Marina.